Impressions d’une workawayeuse

Hello dear you!
I am Eponine, a workawayer (kind of volunteering) who has been in this great place for two super fast weeks in December. I am here to tell you about my experience here, to inspire you, raise interest, or give you hindsight of what the Mühle looks like while not living here!

Well, time flies as one says, and I am already leaving the place tomorrow… and for sure I will miss the people and the time here.
Within the few first days, I was quickly introduced to all of the inhabitants of the place. I first mix all of their names, of course, but I had the feeling of being welcomed very warm. I had my own place, nearby the upper kitchen, and I knew whom I had to ask to know what work to do. The next few days, I learned more about the people, sharing time, meals, laughs, and very nice discussions. During the daytime, I worked partly in the hill chopping woods, partly in the garden, but also then looking after the chicken and sheep, that are jokers who always go eating the grass out of the fence. And the weeks went on! Incredibly fast again. We played games, cooked together, we even had a party, a nice yoga class from the other workawayer. There are very beautiful paths around, so I could also enjoy a big (but cold!) walk.

The community is a big mix of very different and colorful people, living together: a magic mix, which ends in beautiful things and discussion to live well together (those discussions I didn’t experience properly as I was there for only two weeks, but I could observe it)!

Hope you will have a nice experience like me in the Mühle!